Ben Sims

Ben Sims is one of techno's most vigorous talents: A DJ who has a quarter of a century of experience in his genre. Who remained faithful to the fusion of funk, groove and electronica that gave rise to it whilst continuing to cultivate and contribute to its development. 

Being an 80’s child, Sims was schooled on a strict diet of hip hop, reggae, soul, house and rave, and he played a major role in defining British dance music in the 90s. He played his unique sets - utilizing a mesmerizing blend of vinyl, CDs, and software - in some of the worlds most (in)famous clubs; Fabric London, Atomic Jam, Berghain, Florida 135, and any number of festivals around the world. 

With Sims behind the deck there is no escape, he grabs the audience at their proverbial throats and demands your full attention, both musically and visually. Three to five decks operate almost simultaneously and are combined with faders, effects, and equalizers to create multi-layered sonic collages, resulting in dense, rapidly evolving environment. His unbridled torrent of energy and commitment to the art of mixing doesn't waver, but just goes to show why Sims is known as one of the circuit's true masters of mixing.