Floris Kaayk

Floris Kaayk (born 1982) is a Dutch digital artist who makes fictitious animation films, multi media works and game design.

Kaayk’s works suck us into a universe that is both familiar and fantastic; exploring futuristic concepts and visualizing technological progress. Sometimes full blown tech optimistic, and sometimes it shows us a dystopian view of our technological future. His latest works are something of a cross breed between film and game, and ask the audience to be an active participant. 

In ‘Next Space Rebels’ you have to build your own rocket to help reboot the internet. 

Cause whoever has the most satellites orbiting the earth has the power to decide which information we have access to. Through accessible “notepad-style” creation tools

it combines the childlike playfulness of building rockets with genuine concerns and critique; together we unite against ’Big Tech’! 

Kaayk started working on Next Space Rebels as a speculative art project in 2017. 

Bought and published by Humble Games in 2021, that made in available on a wide variety of gaming platforms, it is now a commercial product that gained Kaayk worldwide succes. 

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