Critical Mass: Pure Immanence

Grote Kerk
Oude Markt 32, 7511 GB Enschede
7-10 sept

The title of the video is an ironic commentary on a society that places great value on autonomous individuals and their networks, without them ever becoming purely immanent. The artist makes use of images of thousands of dancers at a music festival, where distinctions between people slowly fade. Individuals are erased and reduced to mere particles. The style of the work suddenly changes from video game trailer to a dystopia when a soothing voice calls everyone to order. “Welcome to the omnisphere,” says the female voice. In the omnisphere, it is not the people but the relationships between them that are important. Becoming subject is making them feel alive.

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Anne de Vries

De Vries' work is based on how technology influence our perception and experience of the world, as well as its social and political implications. He translates this fascination in 2D digital photography, 3D sculptures and installations. He grew up in an era when the internet and social media became commonplace. This omni present visual culture finds its way into his work, where ads and visual art intertwine with photography.

"What fascinates me immensely is how digital technologies are ultimately rooted in the human need to overcome physical and mental limitations. This is an ancient quest in which science, art, and the spiritual are interconnected. This quest has led to the manipulated reality of today and the future."