Giant Mitsubishi Pill

Stationsplein, 7511 JD Enschede
7-10 sept

A Giant Mitsubishi XTC Pill will welcome the visitors of Stationsplein and those who will enter our city by public transport. A sight that will refresh the memory of many clubbers of the nineties till now. Next to the giant XTC pill you can find another iconic logo, that of the municipality of Enschede. Juxtaposing the two next to each other symbolizes the ever present tension between the underground and the manifest.

A calling card for the festival that can't go unnoticed!

Concept: Kees de Groot & Koen Veldhuizen
Artwork: Ben Georges

Commissioned by GOGBOT

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Ben Georges / cotcut design

I developed my work in the textile medium dividing into 2 main branches – Clothing and Inflatables.

Since 2000 Ben never stopped moving – festivals, events, exhibitions, parties, cities, squats, castles - the voyage became his life's work. Collaborating with artists and creators, collectives and sound-systems throughout Europe, participating in events worldwide, learning, growing and sewing.