Head Over Heels | Youngblood

WARP Technopolis
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7-10 sept


A big group of Bimbo’s who squatted the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles, that kinda sums up the plot.

Through the lens of NELLY DANSEN the protagonist of the film, Nelke Cor Mast researched the beauties and the horrors of the life of a Bimbo. NELLY is being called to fetch some lattes for her friends. And just like that, she flies off into the world. Then just A LOT of stuff happens…

The film Head over Heels mixes staged material with a big pile of documentary footage to create a confusion between the real and the exaggerated. Redefining what film is - and can be -was the Secret Double Agenda™  in this process. Stepping into Hollywood (literally) but stepping away from the typical Hollywood-type-of-film-making, in a deconstructed chick flick and a zeitgeist document of the 21st century. A protest for Camp, a deconstruction of The Madonna vs The Whore complex and a celebration of making the mundane in the everyday exciting. This movie is all of the above.

This work is part of the KITT YoungBlood XPO

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Nelke Cor Mast / Nelly Dansen

Nelke Cor Mast (Nelly Dansen) describes herself as a new age bimbo. She knows all about Freud and believes that an academic background and a Pamela Anderson look need not be mutually exclusive.