Info Desk

Oude Markt
Oude Markt, 7511 HC Enschede
7-10 sept

This years info desk designed by local heroes Jelle de Graaf and Joey Kremer. The info desk is the go-to for all you want to know about the festival. It's where you can get informed about the program, crab this years flyer/poster, buy your tickets for the afterparties or spend some moneyss on our GOGBOT merch! The iconic T-shirt, or what do you think about some GOGBOT socks?

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Jelle de Graaf & Joey Kremer

Jelle de Graaf once started with empty shampoo bottles as a scrap art artist. Within 10 years, his name and fame in the festival scene grew and he designs gigantic decors, stages, and autonomous sculptures for exhibitions, manifestations, and festivals in the Netherlands and abroad. His signature style - robots, structures or characters out of used materials with a rough edge - gives an immediate 'wow factor'. Yet his creatures maintain their sympathetic appearance.

Joey Kremer is a true handyman and artists in one. He is part of builders/artists duo 'De Buurmannen' and he can make just about anything. Together with Jelle de Graaf he is responsible for some of the most eye catching buildings and structures on the Oude Markt, that give GOGBOT its distinctive edgy flavor.