Inter-scope | Youngblood

WARP Technopolis
Stationsplein 1A 7511 JD, Enschede
7-10 sept

Blinking, Shutters, Breaks, Beats, Breaths and Pauses: essential to the rhythmical nature of life. They allow humans to process information in structured manners.

Where in early cinema the shutter in film projectors allows us to distinguish between motion blur and the moving image, in the mobile phone the shutter and the object have faded into the sublime of computer processing units, un-perceivable to the human eye.

In the Inter-scope I reintroduce the interruptions, the physical location and the relation we have with the medium of film through social media. Since on social media the creation of films is highly influenced by our algorithms.

This work is part of the KITT Youngblood XPO.

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Guido van der Kooij

Guido van der Kooij is a graduate of ArtEZ Arnhem and nominated for the KITT Youngblood Award 2023.