Lik de Kikker

Oude Markt
Oude Markt, 7511 HC Enschede
7-10 sept
9 Sep

Experience the full blown chaos of Lik de Kikker! A noise band that is not only about the sounds but just as much about the experience as well! With masks and props Lik de Kikker creates a trip you will never forget!

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Lik de Kikker

Lik de kikker (lick the frog) was born on christmas-night during a mushroomtrip…(no Joke)

The plan was too go over the top with a noise band that would give the audience a “WTF” moment fueled thru unfiltered party frognoise!! Every show’s a live set and every show is a different line-up of frogfriends kicking the show to a higher level. With effect-pedals, drummachines, samplers, synth’s and noise-boxes they create full blown chaos to break all laws of nature and forget about the whole existence of society for an about hour. 

So come experience lik the kikker.. And enjoy the trip!!