Liquid Dreams

Stroinksbleekweg 16
7-10 sept

Media art institution TETEM is joining our festival again! The only location outside of the city centre, you can give your ears some rest as you walk or bike right trough cultural neighborhood Roombeek to see this not-to-be-missed part of our XPO.

LIQUID DREAMS offers a unique opportunity to experience the intriguing interplay between human and mineral intelligence. The immersive installation offers a critical and poetic perspective on the role of technology.

Participants are invited to become part of the mineral kingdom. Like an algorithm, people are trained with a flow of images and sensory impressions about our relationship with minerals. LIQUID DREAMS uses the body as a means of expression and attempts to liberate and decolonize methods of emotional and sensory perception. Promoting care and responsibility towards us humans and our environment, animals, plants, and minerals.

Annika Kappner intertwines rational analysis with embodied experience and intuition.

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Annika Kappner

Annika Kappner is a multidisciplinary artist from Berlin who creates sensory scenographies in the extended field of painting; combining installation, performance, guided meditations, scent and sound to create glitches in perception.

Her multidimensional research is focused on the evolution of consciousness and archetypal imagery, its reflection in the perception of (self) image and the other. Her work seeks to add perspectives to the relationship between human, nature and technology, addressing concepts of non-duality and otherness.