Luminous Rythms

Grote Kerk
Oude Markt 32, 7511 GB Enschede
7-10 sept

FoundedObjects creates technical–poetic installations, based on used materials. The four elegantly swaying kinetic sculptures remind us of human DNA strands. The individual pixels can be controlled by visitors using their own BLE devices (Bluetooth). The human being is both organic and artificial, continuously influenced by the changing environment. Soon A.I. and drugs (hard & soft tech) are able to intervene on the very building blocks of our bodies and minds.

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FoundedObjects are artists Boele Zwanenburg and Roland Lips. Both graduates from the HKU and are situated in a self-built creative workshop in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

They have a fascination for technique, which comes to play in their technical–poetic installations. The collaboration has resulted in projects and installations which speak to peoples sense of wonder. The name FoundedObjects is based on their working method: founding new objects with a combination of used materials and inventions.