Grote Kerk
Oude Markt 32, 7511 GB Enschede
7-10 sept

Mega-Wattson will perform for us every hour for 5-10 min; come and look him up in the church!

With his 350 kilos weighing body of metal he is officially the heaviest singer in rock ‘n’ roll history. Also, he is a robot. After years spent as a pool-hall hustler, he now pursues his true calling as a punk rock singer. Ever since he played some of the biggest stages on the planet, and gargled high viscosity oil with his brothers at the backstage parties after. A little lubricating oil from time to time - the robot equivalent of alcohol and drugs - works wonders. Mega-Wattson embraces your darkest side.

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Robocross is the brain child of Frank Barnes. It serves a as a catch-all name for all his creations. Part artist, part evil scientist his mechanical inventions have entertained festival-goers over the entire globe. They have performed in front of tens of thousands of people on some of the worlds biggest stages and on live TV shows in front of millions of viewers glued to the screen.

Wether they're made from high tech materials or welded together out of scrapyard bits, his contraptions always capture the imaginations of audiences young and old.