Oke? | Youngblood

WARP Technopolis
Stationsplein 1A 7511 JD, Enschede
7-10 sept

Oke? is part of an installation of a larger installation of paintings.

In Emma's works text plays a noticeable part, but never more important than other elements though. Rather than towering over it, the words become part of the composition. Colour, shape and size are all crucial for the end result, the visual tension between these layers make a complex painting.

The number of works, the accessible aesthetic and recurring visuals make the installation feel like a candy store; sweet, pink and all screaming for attention. The tone of the works is nice, the message can be hard.

This work is part of the KITT Youngblood XPO.

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Emma Pluijgers

Emma Pluijgers is a painter who graduated from AKI ArtEZ in 2023, she is nominated for the KITT Youngblood Award.

Her work is about her daily life and experience as a woman, about the rising popularity of hard drugs and taboos surrounding sex and kinks. Shocking topics are painted in a bright, naive and flat palette, which helps to approach the subjects with a playful mindset. Both ironic and earnest at the same time the work doesn't judge but rather invites us to an open dialogue.