WARP Technopolis
Stationsplein 1A 7511 JD, Enschede
7-10 sept

Recombination is the latest Virtual Reality project from visionary fractal artist Julius Horsthuis. Realizing that the best way to enjoy his work is immersion, he collaborated with seven of his favorite musicians in order to create an abstract journey through music, space and mathematics.

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Julius Horsthuis

After a fruitful career in the movie industry Julius Horsthuis now is a fulltime ‘fractal artist’; he creates animations that show the phenomenon of fractals in his distinctive blend of abstract and cinematic animation. 

Fractals, the self repetitive structures that humans have been fascinated by since the dawn of time, are all around us; in nature and in art. They can be found but they can also be made, or made visible. And that is what Horsthuis does. Using codes and 3D software he creates landscapes and cathedral like animated buildings, showing us what is already there but still had to be discovered. The shapes and figures the fractals make can feel like a trip and, resembling the effects of psychedelics, lead the brain to unknown territories. At GOGBOT Horsthuis shows …

Julius keeps on pushing the limits of fractal immersive art, both in physical spaces as in digital ones: VR.

Julius’ work gained worldwide recognition, displaying his immersive works, creating music videos and featuring his fractals in movies and series. The film ‘Fractal Time’ was recognized by Forbes as one of the 35 best XR experiences of 2019.