Symposium: Feed Your Head / Drugs & AI

7-10 sept
9 Sep

For curious minds and whoever needs an intellectual break from the festival!

When: Saturday September 9 from 14:00-16:00

Where: Muziekcentrum Enschede, Noorderhagen 27


Dive into the scientific world of drugs & AI! Three distinct speakers will reflecton the wide variety of functions Drugs can have in todays tech oriented society. The symposium will be moderated by Josephine Bosma.

From pleasure enhancer on the dance floor to metaphorical weather vane with Bogomir Doringer. He will speak about his project I Dance Alone (the work itself can be seen in de Grote Kerk) in which he filmes crowds from above, seen on the dance floor. In night life Drugs - and the connection between people it enables - play a major part, but what can we learn from observing patterns in how people behave when under influence?

Machteld Busz is will talk about her initiative Poppi Drugs Museum. The initiative is a collection of works, stories and experiences about drugs. Its goals are to create a safe space from which an open discussion about drugs can be facilitated. Ideally in their own building but until they reach that goal it remains a pop-up museum that travels around. Organizing events, entertaining people and spreading information in a way that is honest, beautiful, weird and funny.

Award winning documentary filmmaker Maartje Nevejan will talk about how AI helps her to visualize the inner experience in her films. In her documentary Descending the Mountain, about mushrooms, AI was used to help depict psychedelic experiences. In her new film, that deals with grief and beauty, she and her team are trying out new ways in which to insert AI again.

There is also a screening of the The Politics of Ecstasy (2023, 18 minutes). In this video essay by independent researcher Chiara Baldini and video artist Rafael Kozdron we will learn how something happened so long ago can have much to say on contemporary rave politics and social dynamics. More than two thousand years ago, in ancient Rome, a secret cult dedicated to frenetic dances, gender fluidity, ingestion of mind-altering substances and sexuality, was shaking the foundations of the order put in place by the very patriarchal, repressive and militaristic ruling elite. The clashing values between these different worldviews brought to a crude repression known as “The Bacchanalia Affaire”. The video essay is commissioned by Bogomir Doringer and will be shown as part of Feed Your Head. Directeor Rafael Kozdron will be present at the Symposium.

The annual symposium is held in Muziekcentrum Enschede.

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