The Heart of the Heart | Youngblood

WARP Technopolis
Stationsplein 1A 7511 JD, Enschede
7-10 sept

An altarpiece built for a world in which specific types of digital technology and electronic systems are considered the epitome of progress.

Representing a networked system of beliefs, a series of mobile phones, speakers and tablets are deconstructed and re-arranged in geometric patterns, connected all together and with their digital media outputs transformed into rhythmic light and vibration flows.

This way, the piece aims to depict and re-narrate the contemporary technological order as a transitory trance experience, looking into everyday technologies as reflections of our most existential beliefs. At the same time it also presents spiritual tools and practices as technological devices themselves, especially useful for a world in constant and accelerated flux.

The piece is part of a longer research project, expanding together with the development of Teresa's master’s thesis "Spiritual Accelerationism".

This work is part of the KITT Youngblood XPO.

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Teresa Fernandez Pello

Teresa Fernandez-Pello is a designer and multidisciplinary artist from Spain, currently based in the Netherlands. Her work spans varied sculptural practices, with a special interest in digital design and fabrication, electronic technologies, videoart and spatial installations. She fuses high-tech developments with ancestral spiritual wisdom.

With her work Heart of the heart she is nominated for the KITT Youngblood Award.