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A group of Filipino photographers and a documentary videographer set out to document the deadly war on drugs in the Philippines. Among them photo’s from The Captain's Journal by Carlo Gabuco. The title Tokhang, a combination of Visayan words “toktok” (to knock) and “hangyo” (to plead), refers to the operation of where police personnel knocks on the doors of an alleged user and/or pusher, asking him/her to surrender in order that they be monitored for further assessment.

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Carlo Gabuco

Carlo Gabuco is a Filipino visual artist and photographer originally from the city of Mandaluyong, now based in the capital Manila. He’s been out on the streets since Duterte came to power, documenting less the moments of violence – which are plentiful – but its more overlooked victims.

“At every crime scene I try to find the families of the dead,” Gabuco says.