Vetera et Nova

Grote Kerk
Oude Markt 32, 7511 GB Enschede
7-10 sept
10 Sep

Live concert from the church through the Soundsystem of Oude Markt.

Vetera et Nova - the Old and the New - is a 45 minutes during composition by Riccardo Giuseppe Fortunato. Written for five performers and their instruments carillon, violin, modular synthesizers, computer software and tape machines.

The piece puts the old instrument of the carillon, played by the cities carillion player Esther Schopman from its home in the church tower, in a contemporary context. Manipulating the traditional instruments more and more through the electronics and by alienation, sonic corruption and abstraction, featuring a sonic development from simplicity to dystopia.

The old and the new are being opposed, but also merge into this new piece.

Performing musicians are: Riccardo Fortunato, Matteo Traverso, Maria Cozzani, Lena Chen and Esther Schopman.

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