Wasted Crystalline

Grote Kerk
Oude Markt 32, 7511 GB Enschede
7-10 sept

The Wasted Crystalline project employs an innovative visual technique where high res slides are cast onto the church's ceiling. These slides capture the crystalline formations that have emerged from the urinary specimens of substance users. Carefully orchestrated color modulation through the rotation of color wheels results in a mesmerizing display of vivid colors and intricate crystalline structures.

The project not only withdraws beauty from an unexpected source like urine, it also aims to make us wonder and contemplate on human existence, its complexities and the residues it leaves behind.

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Marco Broeders

Marco Broeders (Co2RO) studied architectural design at the academy St.Joost in Breda.

He currently is working as a spacial designer, a contractor in the arts and an analog VJ and DJ. Co2RO works with analogue projectors in which rotating images from his own laboratory are placed. The projections crawl along each other, in each other and create interfering patterns and abstract storylines. A projection is a 'live set' from rotating and still images and light. The search towards the image within the given architectonical profile is a performance on object, floor, ceiling and wall.